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Pam Joins the Sober Edge Podcast

    Teri Patterson shared conversations she had with six new certified This Naked Mind coaches. Pam is one of them. Listen to the podcast!

    What’s a Coach?

      My intention as a coach is to meet my client exactly where they are, help them identify where they want to be, and guide them as they find the way to bridge that gap. Alcohol abuse causes such intense suffering… Read More »What’s a Coach?

      This Naked Mind

        This Naked Mind…an intriguing name for a book, isn’t it? I think of my naked mind as my mind before it was conditioned by years of experience and influence. A naked mind is open to examining life experiences with curiosity.… Read More »This Naked Mind

        Can I Just Cut Back?

          WHAT’S WRONG WITH ALCOHOL? We are each born with a naked, innocent mind, complete and whole, with a purpose to be. Then the world, through our experiences, fills our mind with beliefs, both useful and not so useful. For many… Read More »Can I Just Cut Back?