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Schedule Time for Worry

    Worrying is a bad habit we human beings have. A recent Gallup poll of American adults found that 60% feel worry and anxiety every day. If you have been relying on alcohol to help you through worry — well, you know it doesn’t really help. But feelings of worry can make it harder to stay alcohol free (AF).

    Here’s a practical way to keep worry in its place.

    schedule a time for worry

    Instead of allowing worries to take control, schedule time for worry. We’re not saying you should push worry away or ignore your worries. That doesn’t work. But you can write them down and give yourself a special time set aside to worry.

    In this video I share the way I use this tactic to handle worries and keep them from threatening my sobriety.

    Make it a ritual. Use chosen objects, times, and places to make that time special for you. This is not a time to suffer, but a time to allow yourself to practice containing worries, to cultivate a more empowered relationship with those unavoidable thoughts. For me, it’s a way to keep myself in control of how and when and where I worry instead of feeling overwhelmed.

    Practical tactics

    Instead of relying on willpower or trying to avoid situations where you used to rely on alcohol, the methodology of This Naked Mind uses practical tactics to help you get back to a time before you felt cravings for alcohol.

    You learn about the science of how alcohol works in your body, confront unhelpful beliefs you’ve developed, nd develop new beliefs and behaviors.

    I’ll walk along with you on this journey. Schedule a free 30 minute discovery call with me and we’ll see whether we’re a good fit. There’s no pressure and no obligation. I look forward to sharing with you the action steps that have helped me.

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