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Visualize Upcoming Situations

    Visualize upcoming situations as a practical technique to help you on your alcohol-free (AF) journey.

    why visualize?

    Your brain has trouble distinguishing between visualizations and real life. You might have noticed that people can get stressed out from thinking about stressful situations that have not — and perhaps will not — actually take place. University research has shown that people imagining a threatening situation show the same kind of brain activity as people actually facing such situations. Experiments have shown that imagining playing tennis can actually increase your skill at playing tennis.

    Just so, visualizing the situation lets you look forward to positives and plan for possible problems. It’s an alternative to unhealthy ruminating on negative what-ifs, and it can help you approach new situations with confidence.

    practical tactics

    With the methodology I’ve learned as a coach in This Naked Mind, I can share simple, practical tactics like these that help you reset your brain and escape from the influence of unhelpful beliefs that limit you. Freedom from alcohol is possible for you.

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