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Are you worried that you’re drinking too much?

be honest

Have you been worried that you are drinking too much?

Download a simple inventory to help you determine whether you need to change your relationship with alcohol.

A few simple questions to ask yourself

Download the inventory, print it out if you like, and think about your honest answers to the questions.

Now that you’ve read and answered the questions, it’s time to think about your next steps. If you answered yes to even one of these questions, I believe that you could benefit from taking a look at alcohol in your life.

I want to introduce you to a methodology for changing your relationship with alcohol. It’s called This Naked Mind.

this naked mind

We are each born with a naked, innocent mind, complete and whole, with a purpose to be. Then the world, through our experiences, fills our mind with beliefs, both useful and not so useful.

For many of us, alcohol becomes an unhealthy coping crutch to deal with the negative feelings, thoughts and beliefs in our life. The addictive nature of alcohol can keep us trapped in a destructive cycle where alcohol controls our life. In order to live happy and purpose-filled lives, it’s necessary to address those beliefs and thoughts—directly and honestly.

Change is possible

But no matter our background or how brutal our life experiences, we are the only ones that can make those changes. No one else can do it for us. This Naked Mind methodology works—at least it worked for me—and I want to share it with others.

Before This Naked Mind, everything in my life was affected by alcohol. I lived what appeared to be a normal life—I worked and nurtured, laughed and sang—but I was not living in truth.

If alcohol is holding you back from the life that you want, please believe that there is hope—change is possible—and you hold all of the answers within you. You are enough.

This Naked Mind methodology can show you how to achieve the life that you deserve. If you are ready, I invite you to learn more about how you can take control over alcohol and live the life that you were created to live.

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